We work with businesses that know they should be more successful but are being held back by their people puzzles. Our aim is to create a positive working environment where everyone pulls in the same direction to achieve good results, efficiency and profit. This means finding out if the right people are in place, how well they work together and if the culture is one that people want to be part of.

How do we do this?

We start by getting to know the business:

  • Your business ambitions, personal aspirations and how the business shapes-up against these

…And your employees:

  • Who is working for you, their responsibilities and what they see as the issues within the business

This takes the form of a 2 – 4 day fact-find around the 5 key HR areas of leadership, culture, skills, keeping, and process, using our proven People Puzzles methodology.

This helps us to identify the source of the problems which could be

  • Immediate HR issues which need to be resolved as quickly as possible
  • Fundamental HR issues which need a strategic approach so that progress is unblocked
  • Future proofing HR issues which you know are holding you back from delivering your growth plans

We then develop a well-designed HR action plan around our methodology tailored to your business and how you work. It will:

  • Clearly set out our recommended actions and the time required to achieve them
  • Prioritise HR issues which have the biggest impact on the business
  • Allocate one of our Team to work as part of your team to drive things forward quickly with simple, straight-forward HR solutions to reduce costs and employee turnover, and increase revenue
  • Be based on flexible working and a budget that suits you
  • Use our People Puzzles methodology & expertise
  • Include email and telephone support, and bi-annual updates on HR legislation changes

The People Puzzles Team offers a very wide range of HR expertise. Our clients benefit from this collective expertise even though they primarily work with one named Team member. It includes:

  • HR Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Skills & upskilling
  • Finding talent
  • Keeping talent
  • HR process

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