Our primary aim at People Puzzles is to make our clients’ businesses happier, more productive and more successful places to work.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of part time HR Directors in the UK, helping scores of small and mid-tier businesses manage their people better for increased success.

How we do things is as important for us as what we do. We understand that we can’t make people behave a certain way, so firstly we hire members of our team who already have these values, and secondly we work towards an environment where it is easier, and there is more successful, when our team demonstrate these than when they don’t.

Our values are:

Positive to us means:

  • We deliver growth, increased profit & better businesses for our clients and for People Puzzles
  • We are problem solvers and always look for good results

Progressive to us means:

  • We stay at the cutting edge of new ideas to attract, retain and develop our clients’ teams
  • We keep learning, day in day out
  • We are proactive with clients, always coming up with new ideas
  • We have built a brilliant team at People Puzzles across all HR disciplines

Passionate to us means:

  • We genuinely care about positive outcomes for our clients
  • We love the flexibility of a portfolio career with the variety of work
  • We are excellent at what we do and thoroughly enjoy ourselves doing it!

Practical to us means:

  • We roll up our sleeves and deliver value
  • We focus on the commercial reality of everything we and our clients do
  • We seamlessly integrate into our client’s team and become part of the management of their business

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