Growing businesses often don’t have the resources, time or finances to run costly HR functions in-house. It is for this reason that many choose to outsource their HR services and have their people strategy managed on a flexible, part-time basis.

Bringing an embedded, part-time HR Director into your business to deliver change and growth can help you:

1) Free up your valuable time
For many CEOs, building a company on strong foundations where the team is committed and motivated is considered vital for business success. However, they may lack the time and expertise to make this happen themselves in house, especially as they will have many other responsibilities to fulfil.

By outsourcing your HR services, you will no longer need to worry about the ins and outs of building a high performing team and recruiting star performers. Expert HR Directors will put people management firmly on the agenda, at the right level, and will deliver above and beyond your expectations, leaving you free to manage your business.

2) Focus on employee strengths
While you could consider spreading your HR function out across your team, such as your Finance Director or the Head of Sales, it’s highly likely their jobs are already demanding enough. Wouldn’t your Sales Director be better off selling than designing a motivating commission structure?
HR outsourcing means you don’t have to distract your core team from their workload to deliver something that isn’t their strength. It will allow them to focus on achieving their individual goals and targets to help drive business growth.

3) Plug into expertise you cannot afford full time
Owner-managed and family run businesses often can’t afford or don’t think they need or want a full time HR Director, but as a result miss out on the expertise required to help grow their business quicker, make less mistakes, and enjoy the journey more. If you find the right highly experienced part-time HR Director, it can add immense value to your own business. By outsourcing your HR services, you get easy access to new technology, latest ideas and new techniques at a much cheaper cost.

4) Focus on the whole function
Many alternative solutions such as HR consultants and employment law Helplines focus on compliance and employment law which is dense and can be frustrating. Outsourcing your HR to a strategic HR Director means you get unlimited access to legal employment expertise, as well as high level support in growing the leadership team and developing a challenging and supportive culture in your workplace. You will learn how to focus on skills and competence and how to hire and keep brilliant performers.

5) Access HR specialisms
HR is a sprawling function with many specialist areas. These include psychometric profiling, leadership and management development, graduate recruitment, apprenticeships, TUPE and change management. It is unlikely one person could cover all of these specialisms, but if you outsource your HR functions to a competent outsourcing provider, you can draw on multi-sector, multi-skill expertise. Even large corporates outgrow their HR Directors, but with the right set up you can get access to all of it.

Why Outsource HR the People Puzzles way

We understand that supporting growth is a balance of upskilling and hiring in new staff, but crucially this has to be done in a well thought out and planned way. Starting with the ideal organisational chart, followed by a rapid restructure or an extended hiring process, we can take your business on the growth journey more quickly and easily than you may be able to on your own.

While there may be risks to outsourcing HR functions, at People Puzzles we prioritise getting to know your business in order to seamlessly align ourselves with your ways of working. Therefore you don’t need to worry about turning over your business to outsiders or risk losing control of your data.

Explore our HR Services today to find out how we can transform your business, or contact us directly for confidential advice.

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