Karen Glasse

Email: karen.glasse@peoplepuzzles.co.uk
Area: London, Midlands
Phone: 07798705233
Position: HR Director

Karen Glasse

Karen Glasse is an experienced HR director having worked most recently in the technology and banking sectors. Her experience stretches across all aspects of HR, and she is used to working at Board level.

She will seek to work with you to collaboratively create and lead an aspirational people strategy to fit your business. You can expect a high energy pragmatic hands-on approach focused on delivery.

Karen’s portfolio career means that she has worked for large corporates (most recently Santander Technology, but also VISA, Ericsson and Grand Metropolitan), mixed with small and medium sized businesses. Today she is proud to be helping SMEs with People Puzzles which is enabling her to mix her professional contributions with voluntary roles as trustee and governor to several institutions.

As an HR leader, Karen’s passionate approach is collaborative and focused on tangible outcomes. She builds relationships fast, aims high to achieve high, and has a frank and open approach. Not fond of HR psychobabble she is likely to quickly work out your business challenges and goals, to create with you a people approach that delivers and you’ll be proud of.

Karen grew up in South Africa where she gained a BSC Hons in Clinical Psychology and BSc in Microbiology and Psychology. She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD and has an MBA from the Open University. Karen is a keen beekeeper, is slightly addicted to her personal trainer sessions at the gym, and of course loves being with her two girls and family.

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