Stephanie Buck

Area: London
Phone: 07595 439 007
Position: HR Director

Stephanie Buck

Stephanie is a Chartered CIPD professional, who is highly motivated and tenacious, with a wide range of HR skills. She is a keen and accomplished problem solver, with extensive experience working at Director level in corporations of varying sizes. Her strengths lie with creating and implementing HR strategy, realigning leadership with their workforce, and aiding companies to achieve growth and productivity through the people they employ.

Stephanie has over 10 years’ experience in HR and people management. Her previous roles include HR Director for JMK Group UK and also Head of HR for MRIB Group. Having spent a considerable amount of time in recruitment and sales management, Stephanie previously worked as Commercial Director. Completing an MA in Human Resource Management, she successfully transferred her skills to HR, maintaining a strong commercial approach to her style of HR leadership. Applying this approach to employee relations has proven a great way to get everybody ‘on side’ and enjoying their jobs.

Stephanie is a down-to- earth and stable character with strong influential skills, which make her a valued and easily trusted adviser to a Board of Directors. She has worked on a number of projects with a high degree of sensitivity, including mass redundancies, supporting and facilitating tribunal cases, shareholder & director disputes as well as coaching seminars on leadership and communication where breakdowns have occurred within organisations.

When Stephanie is not at work, her favourite place to be is with her family, enjoying activities with her children and travelling.

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