Part-Time, On-Site HR Directors

If you are an ambitious business owner, it can be hard to put your finger on what to do next to transform and grow your business. Most businesses have challenges with sales, marketing, systems, technology at one time or another, but the common theme is that every area of your business is overseen and delivered by people.

People issues can spring up with an individual, in a department, or across a part of the hiring, developing and turnover cycle. This can be challenging and costly to any business. If you are experiencing people issues, with the help of a part-time HR Director, it’s possible to achieve quick and cost-effective change and unlock your growth potential.

At People Puzzles we’re a team of highly experienced HR business professionals specialising in providing part-time, on-site HR support to businesses. Our tailored solutions are designed to quickly and efficiently resolve a wide range of HR issues that can stall the growth and development of small businesses, as well as help to grow mid to larger size businesses. Whatever your industry or specific business requirements, we will seamlessly align ourselves with your management team to establish a growth-focused, professional working environment.

Flexible Part-Time HR Support

We understand that many businesses cannot justify hiring a full time HR Director. All resources need to be carefully apportioned to grow the business; not on costly overheads associated with running an in-house HR department. However, no business can get ahead without effective, motivated and well-trained staff. If people issues are prevailing in the workplace and you don’t have the HR expertise available to resolve them, the impact on business performance and growth can be significant.

Hiring a part-time HR director allows you to outsource the responsibilities of an HR department to a qualified professional who has the expertise you need to deliver change quickly. It is a cost-effective solution offering a high level of flexibility to suit any particular requirements. People Puzzles’ part-time HR Directors have a wide range of experience working with corporates, SMEs and every sized business in between. Their commercial acumen is strong and they specialise in working on-site to establish good organisational structure and practice, and guide training, development and employee management in the workplace.

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