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People Puzzles and MaxAd partnership saves client £15k on recruitment for 5 new hires-

The UK’s leading provider of instant quotes for home-moving services is a successful entrepreneurial Hertfordshire-based business,

Following a referral from an existing client, they appointed Morag Woodliffe from People Puzzles to be their part-time HR Director. As a well-managed, strategically focused business, they realised they needed our support to enable continued and cost-effective growth.

The Challenge

They had been outsourcing a number of business activities for some time, some of which they felt would be better brought back in-house, one of which was recruitment.  Morag worked closely with them to generate some great job descriptions in order to commence a new recruitment campaign.

Historically they had been utilising a number of recruitment agencies who were charging 15-20% of an employee’s starting salary. Additionally sourcing great candidates without any form of support was time-consuming, taking the business owners away from business critical and commercial activities.

The Solution

People Puzzles partnered with MaxAd to advertise for, and source great candidates.  From the job descriptions generated by People Puzzles, MaxAd created compelling adverts and posted across numerous job boards. MaxAd also searched the online job board databases and their own pool of possible candidates matching candidates against the clear criteria set by People Puzzles.

Continuous communication and feedback between MaxAd and People Puzzles enabled refinement and focus during the initial sourcing and screening process to give the strongest possible candidate match.

Suitable candidates were then screened again by People Puzzles and those that looked like a potential fit were telephone interviewed using a predefined set of questions.  Any that looked like a possible match were forwarded to the client along with the screening and telephone interview notes.

The client benefited from being involved only once a possible fit had been found, thus reducing their time invested in the process whilst increasing the quality of candidates they saw.

The Conclusion

People Puzzles together with MaxAd have now recruited 5 fantastic new members to the client’s team.  The cost of running this process through a traditional agency, based on a total salary bill for these candidates of £130,000 p.a., would have been in the region of £26,000 in fees, plus requiring additional management time invested.

Utilising People Puzzles and MaxAd has saved the business in the region of £15,000 in fees and has significantly reduced the Management time investment.  In addition, employing individuals directly has delivered incremental savings.  It has proved to be a very powerful and efficient partnership that creates substantial client benefit.

If you need help with recruiting, contact us today or call us on 0808 164 5826.

Morag Woodliffe
Morag Woodliffe, HR Director.

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