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Our Approach

Every business is different but people are key to the success of each one. We have a clear, proven process which flexes to your specific needs.

How We Work

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with more than 1,000 businesses who knew they could be more successful but were being held back by their people puzzles.

We know that when everyone is pulling in the same direction, the result is efficiency, success and ultimately, increased profit. We have a proven process that delivers results and enables our People Directors to start adding value immediately.

  • 1. Tell us your aspirations Chat with a regional expert to see how we can help
  • 2. Meet your People Director – You’ll be matched a People Director in your area
  • 3. Run through our Discovery – We’ll develop a Work Plan together to move your business forward
  • 4. See the results – Your People Director will partner with you to achieve your goals

During the initial consultation meeting, our Regional Director finds out about your business vision, goals and aspirations. We will then introduce you to a local, hand-picked People Director who will be working with you on a flexible, long-term basis.

They kick off with our People Puzzles Discovery, a 2-5 day immersion in your business, where they ask a lot of questions and find out what is really going on. They will get to grips with how the business operates, the ambitions and aspirations of the people who run it, and the responsibilities and opinions of the team.

The discovery process focuses on six key areas of HR:

  • Business Strategy
  • Leading
  • Culture
  • Talent
  • Structure
  • People Processes

All that information leads to a comprehensive Action Plan: a proactive, strategic plan that will help your organisation to deliver the business plan.

The plan will:

  • Set out our recommended actions and the time required to achieve them.
  • Prioritise HR issues that have the biggest impact on the business.
  • Be flexible, and based on a budget that suits you.

This becomes a rolling People Plan, ensuring that quarter by quarter you get strategic HR input and guaranteed delivery against milestones proving the value of our service.

You will see the evidence of our work in your daily business life: our CEOs tell us they worry less about people challenges, are confident in the succession of the business, and not only deliver the growth they want, but often commit to growing at a faster rate than they thought could be possible.

To find out more about our process, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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