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Talent Retention

Your most talented people can unexpectedly walk out the door and have a huge impact on your business. We can help you keep your best performers - critical to business success.

Keeping talent is business critical

Employees with a good fit, high engagement and 10+ years at an organisation perform 18% higher than the average employee and 35% higher than a worker who lacks all three elements.

All of those three elements can be tricky to find! Finding a good fit is the first challenge. The second is keeping them motivated and engaged, and the third is keeping them for a long time.

Employees don’t leave a job, they leave a manager, and your managers can have a huge impact on the most common reasons why people choose to leave:

  • Career advancement or promotional opportunities: 32%
  • Pay/Benefits: 22%
  • Lack of fit to the job: 20%
  • Management or the general work environment: 17%
  • Flexibility/scheduling: 8%
  • Job security: 2%

Improving Employee Retention

People Puzzles are experts in improving talent retention. It isn’t an overnight fix but requires a retention strategy and careful planning.

Our interventions include:

  • Ensure people with the right skills are in the right roles
  • Train and develop managers to improve their skills and approach
  • Improve work/life balance including methods such as flexible working times or remote working where possible
  • Improve communication and engagement across the business
  • Define and share a culture that suits the business
  • Upskill your staff to provide career advancement opportunities

Succession Planning

Healthy businesses don’t just focus on who is working today and what skills they have now; they keep an eye on the future, and where the business is going. That means a focus on both managing performance and looking ahead at succession planning.

Our succession planning process

Our UK-based People Directors can help you with succession planning in the workplace. We will work with you to:

  • Understand and articulate what makes a great supervisor, team leader or manager
  • Evaluate staff – where they are today and where they could get to
  • Give opportunities to people to test and develop their leadership and management skills
  • Provide training and development to your star performers
  • Move people up in the organisation – it’s crucial to have strong deputies in place as you expand or in case people leave

Benefits of succession planning for your business

Succession planning and talent management are crucial for:

  • Business contingency and continuity
  • Giving your staff career development opportunities
  • Making the most of your brightest and best team members
  • Building loyalty and long-term knowledge in the team
  • Steering a steady ship with low staff turnover
  • Improving employee retention

Contact us to see how we can help to improve talent in your business, ensuring your people are perfectly placed, and that they stick around.

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