Why staff engagement is important to business growth

We’ve all encountered unengaged staff – perhaps in a shop where ‘no, we don’t stock that’ isn’t followed up with an offer to order it in or find an alternative product. The business loses a sale, and potentially a customer, for good.

Why team building is a leadership skill

Some people think of team building exercises as a staff away day, building rafts across a river. But actually, team building is much more fundamental than that. It needs to be embedded into the everyday activities of your business.

People Puzzles appoints new Regional Director for South Central

People Puzzles – the HR experts who help ambitious business leaders create high-performing teams and grow their businesses – are continuing to expand across England, appointing a new Regional Director for South Central area of the country.

Just how close are we to a four-day week?

Is it really possible to work fewer hours but be more productive? Well, yes – if a growing body of research is to be believed. A number of studies and trials conducted over the past decade

Five ways to manage a remote workforce effectively

As we move out of the pandemic, businesses are considering different options when it comes to migrating back to the office. Many, if not ditching the office altogether, are considering a mixture of home and office working for the long term.

Five ways to empower your team to be more proactive

Would you like to see your team take more initiative rather than wait to be told what to do? Follow these five tips and you’ll be on your way to having a much more proactive team around you.

How business owners can support employee mental health

Every employer has good reason to care about their employees’ mental health. A recent Labour Force Survey estimated that in 2020/21, 822,000 workers in Britain suffered from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. It’s no small problem.

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