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Training & Development

For your team to be better at their jobs next year than this, you need to invest in them. Our approach to training and development will ensure that they are.

Training & Development

Imagine this: every employee not only knows exactly what is expected of them and are fully competent in every area of their job role, but they are well-trained to do the right thing every time and have fantastic people skills. Sounds familiar?

For most ambitious businesses, people need to learn new practical skills and develop their commercial and people skills every year. This is not limited to the junior staff, but should include everyone, right up to the senior leaders.

A good training and development programme will identify training needs for employees to help them perform better within their roles. In turn, this leads to better performance across the business, increases staff engagement and boosts motivation so that they are more likely to give their best in your business.

One American study from 2500 firms suggested that companies with comprehensive training have a 218% higher income per employee than those with less, and enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training.

With such a significant increase in business performance, investing in training is a no-brainer!

Employee development starts on day one with a good induction process, but it can’t stop there. Whether it’s broadening general skills, preparing ambitious employees for management, or deepening expertise in their field; having a plan in place will help them to learn and grow within your business and work to the best of their ability.

It can be tricky getting to grips with exercises such as skills matrices, competency frameworks and skills GAP analysis – all of which are key to improving employee performance. With our help, you can ensure the right training and development is provided, ensuring employees can progress within their specific roles to help drive business growth.

Our Skills Development Process

Our experience informs us that focusing on technical, leadership and people skills is a good approach to fostering learning development in the workplace.

At People Puzzles we have a suite of offerings for SMEs and mid-tier businesses, delivered by our experienced People Directors, that can be personalised to your unique business and deliver the improvements that you need so you can reap the benefits. These include:

  • Employee training and development
  • Employee training for teams
  • Leadership training
  • Corporate training

We do this having understood your business and as part of your overall people plan, maximising the impact of investing in training & development. Contact us to find out how we can partner with you to develop your team.

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