How business owners can support employee mental health

Every employer has good reason to care about their employees’ mental health. A recent Labour Force Survey estimated that in 2020/21, 822,000 workers in Britain suffered from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. It’s no small problem.

How important is scenario planning?

Events of the last decade or so have thrown a number of seismic challenges at businesses–a major financial crisis, Brexit, China accelerating as the biggest global GDP, Coronavirus and sadly only recently the Ukraine crisis and impact on global supplies and international teams.

The Great Resignation – simply not true!

If you have a good people strategy, you shouldn’t need to brace yourself for mass resignations, says Portfolio People Director Conal Scholes, as he offers ten tips for recruiting and retaining the right staff for your business.

The Four Biggest People Challenges of 2022

We all know that business growth is dependent on having the right people and skills in place to deliver your business plan, but the past year has seen a record number moving jobs and a real struggle for all of us to find and keep good people.

Why business leaders should review their company culture with a remote workforce

While there’s been a gradual return to office-based working, working from home is still far more widespread than it was before the pandemic. And it’s what workers want; a recent BBC poll found that the majority of workers would prefer to work from home either full-time or at least some of the time.

How do you get your employees to believe in your vision?

Most business owners have some kind of vision statement for their company – even if it’s just ‘be successful’. But people will have a different view of what success looks like and how to make it happen. It is particularly important that your employees understand and share your vision

Why is integrity an important leadership skill?

What is integrity? The dictionary definition of integrity is ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’. As well as being something to aspire to personally, there are many reasons why integrity is good for business.

Five practical tips on handling mental health

The past eighteen months of the pandemic has affected us all in different ways and we’re having to adjust to a ‘new normal’ – whether that means back to pre-lockdown ways of working, or more of a hybrid mixture of home and office working.

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