From stuck to thriving: the december19 journey, with Dave Barnett, co-founder

“We had to make some really tough decisions… I no longer felt I was the right person to lead the business.”

As the Managing Director of founder-led media agency december19, coming to the realisation that perhaps someone else might be better positioned to lead the business forward was not an easy one. Yet this is a decision that all founders of successful businesses will eventually face. So how do you go about managing the process? And how do you ensure that it continues to grow within the same ethical, values-led framework that you founded it on?

Meet Dave Barnett, co-founder and ex-Managing Director of december19, a business built on putting its people first and leading with its values. Join Dave and our host Ally Maughan as they discuss the challenges of running a founder-led business, maintaining a flourishing culture, and how having the right people in the right seats is such a fundamental process in protecting the future vision of a business.

From finding the right balance between being hands-off and providing support, to learning from mistakes and knowing when it’s time to put your ego aside and do what’s right for the business, this is an honest and candid look at what it means to run a business, which is sure to strike a chord with business leaders everywhere.


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