Inside the mind of a Squiggly Career business leader: podcast s2 e3 with Sarah Ellis, co-founder of Amazing If

Out with career ladders and in with the Squiggly Career!

The best career path isn’t always a straight line.  and more and more people are leaning into the idea of the Squiggly Career – a brilliant phrase (and bestselling book) coined by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, the co-founders of Amazing If, the award-winning company with a mission to make squiggly careers better for everyone.

The days of linear career progression for everyone are well and truly over. In this week’s episode, Ally chats with Sarah to discover why the Squiggly Career concept has resonated with so many people, and to explore the challenges, thrills and adventures of a Squiggly business leader – and discover what height your helicopter should be flying at.

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