Keeping your people policies on the right side of the law


In this one-minute video, Regional Director, Debra Lee, shares why HR compliance is important for businesses to get right, and to be on top of.


Make sure your business is safe, legal and on the right side of the law

Every business has a legal and often a regulatory standard that they need to achieve, and there are many compliance and statutory elements that feeds into the HR and employee journey. Below are examples of just some questions every business should be asking themselves and checking regularly.

  • Are you paying minimum wage correctly?
  • Do you have young people who’ve joined the business who are in different age groups and maybe in different skills or experience levels?
  • Have you kept up with those? Are they all right?
  • Is everyone being paid correctly?
  • Are your contracts are up to date?
  • When’s the last time your handbook was updated?
  • Are you up-to-date with the working time regulations?
  • Are people working the right amount of hours in a week?
  • What about your GDPR policies and procedures?

“HR compliance helps to make sure that you’re safe and you’re legal and that you’re on the right side of the law. And that means that hopefully there’ll be no fines, there’ll be no legal action. And we’re very proud of our record here at People Puzzles on that.” – Debra Lee, People Puzzles, Northwest Regional Director

Regional Director, Debra Lee
Regional Director, Debra Lee

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