How organisational design can help businesses of all sizes to navigate the complexities of growth – this week on the People Puzzles podcast

In business, growth is great – but it isn’t always a smooth process.

It’s perfectly normal for a business to experience growing pains as it matures. Growth is a great indicator of success and of course is what many business leaders set out to achieve. But growth brings with it a whole spectrum of complexities that an entrepreneurial start-up isn’t necessarily equipped or prepared for. A business with three or four people in the team has very different needs to one with 25 people, or 100, or 500+.

Without creating the right foundations to support growth in terms of your people strategy, a business will run into problems with recruitment, retention, development, management and performance (to name just a few) So how do you design the right structure to support rapid growth?

This week’s podcast guest is People Director Divya Kanani-Jones, an expert in organisational design and how to structure and manage the people strategy and planning of a business to support ongoing growth.

Join Divya and our host Ally Maughan as they discuss how having the right people in the right seats is essential for creating a flexible, productive workforce, how organisational design helps with retention and engagement, and how you can go about integrating all the elements of a people plan in your growing business.


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