The underdog that helped change the pet food industry, with Mark Scott, co-founder of Bella & Duke

“The toughest challenge for any entrepreneur is attracting great people.”

This week’s podcast guest is Mark Scott, co-founder of pioneering petfood brand Bella & Duke, who as well as being an investor, mentor and speaker, has been recognised as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year and listed in the LDC Top 50, and has featured in The Sunday Times’ Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses.

From his early days doing door-to-door sales to co-founding and building a £50m business, Mark knows a thing or two about the importance of people. In this week’s episode, Ally chats with Mark as he shares the story of Bella & Duke and some of the key things he’s learned in the process, including the importance of common goals, recruiting people who aren’t like you, and making plenty of mistakes along the way.

Founded on a belief that pets (and people) can lead happier, healthier lives through proper diet, Bella & Duke is a shining example of what can happen when the right people get together behind a unified vision. As Mark says, “This is too important not to tell people about.”


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