Webinar Recording: Leading through Adversity – Take the CEO test

We welcomed Martin Skelton of premium wine distributor Gonzalez Byass and Kirsty McCarthy of biotechnology business Molecule 2 Medicine, to hear first-hand how they have been leading their businesses through this period of rapid change. We discussed how they are preparing their senior team for the weeks and months ahead and have found the right line to walk between empathy and true leadership. They then shared some practical tips around ensuring good communication and clarity within their team, ensuring as leaders we can step up and be prepared for the future, one that will no doubt bring challenges but also opportunities.


Martin Skelton– Martin heads up Gonzalez Byass UK, one of the outstanding premium wine distribution and marketing companies in the UK. Gonzalez Byass have a strong track record of building and selling premium brands and we are proud that GBUK exclusively represents and distributes many of the world’s greatest wineries. Martins biggest professional achievement was building the GBUK team; dynamic, results-led, charming and very capable. He says ‘We have an unusually strong team ethos and, having achieved so much in challenging times, this has grown even stronger.’

Kirsty McCarthy- Kirsty is currently the COO or Grey Wolf Therapeutics, a founder and the Head of Operations for Pathios Therapeutics and a founder/owner of Molecule 2 Medicine. She holds an MBA from Melbourne University and has worked in early-stage commercialization for 20-years. Prior to focusing on Biotechnology businesses with her husband, she successfully founded, grew and exited a number of businesses in the technology space, specifically working in the area of voice recognition and machine learning. Her career prior to that was in large corporates where she headed up large IT outsourcing services departments.

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