Finding the right staff with the necessary skills and values can be a challenge. Recruiting new employees as your company expands, or replacing staff, takes time and money. Failing to recruit properly can be even more costly. With our on-site recruitment and selection services, we can provide the support you need to hire the right people, usually without a recruitment agent being involved at all.

Our Recruitment & Selection Process

As experts in people management, we firmly believe that recruitment is not just an art. It is a well-tested science that requires tools such as psychometric profiling to increase your chances of hiring well. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, we can help you train your recruiters and set up a rigorous recruitment process.

We map out the recruitment journey like this:

1. Map out the vacancy – Where does it sit in the organisation? Who does it report to and who reports in? What are the roles and responsibilities? What kind of person would it suit? How much should you pay them?

2. Where can we find this person? – From job boards to agencies and everywhere in between, what resources are going to help you find suitable candidates quickly and cost effectively?

3. What does a great job advert look like? – We use a combination of NLP and psychometric profiling tools to word adverts to attract the right kind of people. The filtering process begins with how you write the advert.

4. How to screen candidates – Screening starts at the CV stage, and often has a telephone screening round built in to limit time spent meeting individuals face-to-face. Are you using psychometric or behavioural profiling so you know more about them when you meet for an interview?

5. First and second round interviewing – Who should they meet? What questions can you ask to filter candidates? How about cultural fit questions?

6. Selecting star performers – You don’t just want to select Average Joes. You need to look for people who will thrive with you, and will be promoted from the first role onto the next. What are you looking for when you make a job offer?

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