A workforce of employees who perform well and drive business growth requires managing them to deliver. Performance management and staff appraisals are key to this, but once a year just isn’t enough. To maximise the full potential of your employees, you need to be actively engaging with your team on a regular basis.

But healthy businesses don’t just focus on who is working today and what skills they have now; they keep an eye on the future, and where the business is going. That means a focus on both managing performance, and looking ahead at succession planning.Central to good Performance Management is:

  • Praising and rewarding good behaviour
  • Giving timely and relevant feedback
  • Challenging poor behaviour – either conduct or performance
  • Identifying current standards and areas to be improved
  • Setting individual employee objectives and goals

Our HR Directors will help you to put in place a useful system of employee performance management and appraisals that will help drive the growth and development of your business.

Our Succession Planning Process

Our HR directors can help you with succession planning in the workplace. We will work with you to:

  • Understand and articulate what makes a great supervisor, team leader or manager
  • Evaluate staff – where they are today and where they could get to
  • Give opportunities to people to test and develop their leadership and management skills
  • Provide training and development to your star performers
  • Move people up in the organisation – it’s crucial to have strong deputies in place as you expand or in case people leave

Benefits of Succession Planning for your Business

Succession planning and talent management is crucial for:

  • Business contingency and continuity
  • Giving your staff career development opportunities
  • Making the most of your brightest and best team members
  • Building loyalty and long-term knowledge in the team
  • Steering a steady ship with low staff turnover

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