How to make the best of your multi-generational workforce


The multi-generational workforce is becoming increasingly commonplace in businesses across the UK. In many cases, we can see up to four different generations working side-by-side…from Baby boomers (60+), Generation Z (40-60), Millennials in their 20’s and 30’s to Generation Z (18’s). This amazing range of generations brings with it a fantastic mix of skills, knowledge, and experiences that collectively create a rich working environment. If harnessed well, everyone can learn from each other and help put businesses in a unique position to grow.

It does though also bring a variety of differences that can prove challenging to navigate. Differences in attitudes to work, communication styles, motivations, and perceptions to name a few. So how can you make the most of working with a multi-generational workforce? How do you embrace the many challenges this would bring? How best would you deal with the varying expectations and needs from these different generations? And how best can you harness the collective know-how to shape and drive a successful growth business?

Vee Halliwell is a highly experienced Portfolio People Director with People Puzzles and has written a guest blog for our partners Breathe. Vee answers all these questions as well as how best a business can cater for and make the most of a multi-generational workforce. Find out more below.

How to embrace the challenges of a multi-generational workplace (

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