Neurodiversity at work: embracing differences for a thriving workplace (with People Director Vee Halliwell)

“There’s more and more research in the field of neurodiversity which supports why improvement initiatives do make sense. One particular statistic that I love is JP Morgan chase did a team study of productivity between a neurodiverse team and a neurotypical team and found that the neurodivergent team was 48% more productive.”

Were you aware that up to 20% of the population is neurodiverse? That means 1 in 5 people, which makes an understanding of this issue an essential part of the future of work; managers need to embrace the natural diversity of the human brain to strengthen the performance of their teams and create inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive.

Join Ally as she talks to People Director Vee Halliwell, who encourages all leaders to celebrate difference and give equal value in the workplace to the unique strengths and adaptations that neurodiversity brings to the table. This interview is a brilliant introduction to the topic and will equip business leaders with the knowledge and language to have conversations with their reports that will help bring out the best in individuals.

Vee advocates the mantra of ‘no one size fits all’ and signposts simple, practical measures that SMEs can take to make their organisations more inclusive, starting with awareness initiatives.

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