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Why do my millennial’s only stay for a year then leave?

Our People Director, John Tattersall, explains why millennial’s have more of a tendency to leave organisations after a one year period.


One of the reasons that millennial’s tend to only stay for a short period of time is that is the way that they have developed and because the way the world is now, is completely different to generations that have walked before them.

So therefore, their assumptions about what they want out of life,  how they want to work and contribute, both in the workplace and to society is completely different, to almost any generation before them.

So you’ve got to make sure that as an employer, you can tailor make the offering that you give to people in terms of career advancement, remunerations and making sure that people get the opportunity to grow and develop, is tailored specifically for that generation.

And you may have to accept the fact that your not going to hold onto them for as long as previous generations, because they don’t see one employer as an employer for life.

John Tattersall

John Tattersall, People Director

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