Claudia Gunter

Area: Central
Phone: 0203 0112 883
Position: Head of Resourcing

Claudia Gunter

Prior to joining the People Puzzles team as Operations Manager, Claudia had a successful career in IT Software as a Finance Manager and then as an Operations Manager for a global wealth management firm with its base in Mayfair, London. Claudia has worked and lived in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the Isle of Man.

Claudia’s role is all about recruiting our amazing HR Directors. People Puzzles receives thousands of applications every year from some wonderfully talented HR executives but unfortunately, we cannot recruit them all. Claudia is tasked with finding and hiring only the best commercial HR Directors for our rapidly expanding teams. She runs the whole process from cradle to grave and thoroughly enjoys meeting some marvellous characters and watching their transformation into successful portfolio HR Directors. When she has any spare time, she dips into the many on going projects such as new technologies and finding innovative ways to support an agile working environment.

Claudia enjoys socialising, travelling, film, music (gigs) and books (not necessarily in that order). She has an amazing collection of original vinyls and was the only pupil in her high school to have the complete set of Led Zeppelin albums by the time she was 14 years old. Claudia attempts to exercise regularly in between running around after her young daughter.

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