Helen Stenhouse

Email: helen.stenhouse@peoplepuzzles.co.uk
Area: Central
Phone: 0203 0112 822
Position: Managing Director

Helen Stenhouse

Helen Stenhouse is a business specialist whose key focus is making businesses more commercial, scalable and ready for growth! She has broad range of consultancy experience in SME’s including recruitment, management support, procurement, contract negotiation, budgeting, marketing, sales, property, research, agile working and event management – a great problem solver who can really makes things happen.

Helen is currently working with a pensions’ advisory firm, turning over £2.5 million. Improved profitability is their key objective and she is achieving this by helping them move them from an associate-based business to a mix of employees and graduates. This includes implementing a profit share scheme, improving employment contracts, assisting with the recruitment process (including psychometric profiling) and developing a project-based performance management system that works equally for associates and employed staff.

Helen gained a BSc in Biology from Bristol in 1995 and a MA in Human Resource Management from Middlesex in 1998. She is passionate about talking to people about their business and has fabulous good humour which comes to the fore when things become challenging. Helen has two small children, a beautiful dog and loves baking – and the Team love her baking too!

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