Ally Maughan

Area: Central
Phone: 07980 998 384
Position: Founder

Ally Maughan

Ally Maughan started People Puzzles in 2010 because early in her career she recognised that people problems were often the biggest, single factor holding a company back from growth.

Four years later, and with her hand-picked Team of experienced, people professionals, Ally has worked with more than 100 SME and mid-tier companies. Each one of them unique; each one provided with the necessary support, challenge and direction to enable their business to flourish.

Results oriented, Ally delivers her own blend of business insight with direct, practical advice firmly based on commercial realities and outcomes. Her time-management skills are legendary, leading others to want to tap into ‘the Ally effect’. Her specialist knowledge includes people management, organisational structure and change management for efficient use of people and resources.

Ally gained a BSc in Human Sciences at UCL, University of London in 2001 and qualified with a Masters in HR Management at the LSE’s School of Leadership in 2007. When not figuring out those ‘people puzzles’, and leading her HR Team, Ally is an accomplished hockey player and a motorbike enthusiast. As in all things, she plays to win but with grace and good manners.

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