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Is HR needed in a billion-pound company?

Greg Jackson, the founder and CEO of Octopus Energy, sparked a debate last week when he said that he didn’t have an HR department in his £1.4bn company, despite having more than 1,200 employees. It may surprise some to hear that at People Puzzles, we agree to some extent with what Jackson says.

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Planning for a successful restructure

Do you need to restructure and make redundancies? Careful planning will help avoid costly mistakes and employment tribunals, advises Nick Lawson-Williams. In January 2020, few could have predicted how the business and economic landscape would change. But change it has,

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6 Ways to Move From Disruption to Success

It has become increasingly clear that work (and life) is going to continue to be significantly disrupted over the next few months due to COVID. At the time of writing this, we are advised to ‘work from home where we can’, so those that can’t are still able to work as usual, with full COVID precautions. Most businesses will therefore have completely different geography and rhythm to this time last year.

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